Agricultural Development

Agriculture Development

Agricultural growth is a key factor in reducing hunger and poverty, and improving the sustainability of rural livelihoods in the face of increasing social, economic and physical challenges. It also plays a strategic role in the process of economic development of many underdeveloped nations.

Exploring the agricultural potential is essential element in addressing the agricultural growth.

VEIAG A&E team has accessed a particular region with a population of 7-8 million people residing on a relatively small territory. The region is considered to be depressed with a high rate of unemployment. Furthermore, this area lacks one of the most basic agricultural products, even though the climate, water, and soil quality is ideal for its production. Nevertheless, the produce is imported from far away.

In coordination with a group of specialists, the VEIAG assessment crew has visited the territory to conduct a thorough analysis. Following lengthy and comprehensive investigations, the specialists have concluded that the production of this agri-product within the territory would decrease its sales cost by 20-25%, while also drastically increasing employment by creating additional workplaces.